Become a Member

LACHMA Membership Requirements:

Any person 18 years of age or older, of good character dedicated to the purposes of this organization who meets the following requirements may become a Regular, Associate, or Affiliate Member of this Association.

Eligible REGULAR MEMBERS are those persons currently in management positions in a County department or special district. After a 30-day membership a MEMBER can vote at all General Membership meetings and is eligible for any office.

Eligible ASSOCIATE MEMBERS are those persons currently employed in a County Department or special district in a high level administrative staff or profession position not otherwise defined as a manager by the By-Laws. After a 30-day membership an ASSOCIATE MEMBER can vote at all General Membership meetings, but may not hold office.

Eligible AFFILIATE MEMBERS are those persons who support the goals and objectives of the Association and may not vote or hold office.

Please make sure and write your personal email address to the MEMBERSHIP PACKET.


If you would like to join LACHMA, please download the LACHMA-membership packet and mail completed packet to:



P.O. Box 92462

City of Industry, CA 91715