LACHMA was formed in 1980 by senior county Hispanic managers employed in various county departments. During its 43 year existence, the Association continues to have as its primary goal – the upward mobility for Hispanic employees in general and the Hispanic Managers in particular.

The DPSS Committee was also formed in 1986 by senior county Hispanic managers to carry out the vision and goals of the Association within DPSS, one of the largest and most diverse departments in county government.

The Association facilitates training and networking opportunities to enhance career development.

LACHMA also participates in various activities and discussions with key county executives and various elected officials regarding issues of concern impacting Hispanic employees and the Hispanic community at large.

Quarterly membership meetings are held and invited guests include county department heads, elected officials from Federal, State and local government as well as community leaders.

The Association’s logo was created in 1983 by Juan M. Medina, an art major at the East Los Angeles Occupational Center. The artist designed the logo to depict our Aztec culture blending with our emergence into the professional world, symbolized by the bar charts and reports in the background and an arm holding an attaché case in the foreground.