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President's Message

robertnew - 1819 x 2730I want to thank you for being a part of the Los Angeles County Hispanic Managers Association (LACHMA).  It is through you, our members, that we continue to exist and serve the Hispanic community and others.  I look forward to another tremendous year. I want to tell you we have strong and committed Board members who will provide me with the guidance necessary to meet your needs and represent your interests.  


I have been told by many County employees that they did not know LACHMA’s existed.  I will work with the Board to ensure we reach out and become known to all County employees.  Remember, LACHMA’s mission (in part) is to promote the development and implementation of county programs which improve the delivery of county services to the Hispanic community and enhance county government through the development and advancement of Hispanic county managers.  We have also raised thousands of dollars that we award to deservinig students.  In fact, we are awarding over $16,000 in scholarships this year.  We make a positive difference in these students lives.  You are a part of this giving effort!


Please don't forget to spread the word about LACHMA.  We will conduct quarterly raffles for LACHMA prizes for members who recruit new members.  This program will begin on June 1, 2011.  We gain more prominence and exposure by having individuals like you join and participate in our events.  The larger we become the stronger we become!  Remember, membership is open to all County employees and consists of affiliates, associates and general members.  I am hopeful that many of our members eventually join the rank of County managers.  


We have several events planned this year including:  

  • Cinco de Mayo Scholarship Fundraising Dinner (May 3, 2012, Doubletree Hotel, Commerce)
  • Three Membership Socials (March, July & December 2012)

  • Training for managers, associates and affiliates (including career survival, Microsoft Word, and resume writing).

  • Casino Night Fundraiser for Delores Mission families

  • Delores Mission Thanksgiving Dinner Giveaways

I welcome your feedback and will make myself available to meet with you.  Once again, I thank you for being a part of LACHMA and appreciate your support and involvement.  


Robert Meneses,

President Los Angeles County Hispanic Managers Association

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