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Scholarship Fundraising Strategies

Once a year, Los Angeles County Hispanic Managers Education Foundation members evaluate applications and award scholarship grants directly to universities, colleges, trade schools or other educational facilities. The criteria for selecting studens are that they have a high number of Hispanic/Latino descent, financial need and a 2.5 or above grade point average.


Until recently, there was a select number of schools the Foundation awarded funds to (i.e. USC, Cal State LA, Cal State Long Beach, Rio Hondo Community College, and East Los Angeles Occupational Center). In light of the fact that most schools in Los Angeles County continue to increase in the number of Hispanic/Latino students, the Foundation recommends expanding scholarship opportunities.


At the August 12, 2002, Los Angeles County Hispanic Managers Association board meeting, the board members of the Education Foundation presented several recommendations for scholarship fundraising and the annual grant process. The Hispanic Managers Association Board approved the development of recommendations that would expand grant opportunities, enhance the granting process, positively publicize the work of the foundation and ultimately, increase scholarship funds. Following are the initial strategies that will make-up a broader plan to accomplish these goals:


  • Publicly expand grant opportunities to all universities/colleges, who meet the above criteria, in Los Angeles County. As part of a publicity/outreach campaign, provide these schools with grant criteria. This will include development of a brochure on our scholarship program.

  • Develop & implement a process by which eligible schools competing for funds present their requests, in person, to a committee or board made up of the Board members of the Education Foundation and select members of the main Los Angeles County Hispanic Managers Association. Also, develop a timeline/schedule for this process.

  • Also develop methods to publicize grants given out to schools, and later individual students, once they are awarded. This may include press releases, inserts in programs at fundraising events, newspapers, as well as requesting that schools awarded grants publicize it in their own school newspaper/newsletters.

  • Look at soliciting from private donors in the community, including small businesses This will include looking at requesting Board recognition for these private donors.

  • At least once annually, the Foundation will make a public financial report.

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